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Holiday Party Planning

The holidays are right around the corner, and now on top of enjoying your season, your boss puts you in charge of throwing a holiday party! I know it can feel stressful at first, but I'm here to help clarify some points that may feel drowning. Trust me, I've been there, I understand how draining it can be. So here are 5 tips and tricks to help mentally clear the way and keep the to-do list organized, the budget reasonable and the night one for the books. 

The Making of DJ Keelez (Mockumentary)

A fun 3-part Instagram-Video series of yours truly, from RUN DMSEA to the birth of DJ Keelez. Hope you have as much fun watching this Mockumentary as we did creating it.  PS. The RUN DMSEA costume is available for your event if you would like it.

Tips and Tricks: Requests

Tips and Tricks for DJs on Requests

Requests. Guests love them, and DJs hate them. As DJs it is our job to make sure the crowd and dance floor are having a great time. I think it's great to take requests from the audience, however, I like doing it at my discretion so that way it flows with the set list. A tip for DJs on how we can do get the job done right is to not take specific song requests but to be well versed in different genres so when someone wants to switch it up, we know what song will keep the energy flowing. This does take a lot of practice, research and preparation, but when those genre-switch-transitions comes in smooth, the crowd loves it!

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DJ Keelez is a wedding and event DJ based out of the Los Angeles area. She covers Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Springs, San Diego, and all surrounding areas. She is also available for destination weddings and national events.

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