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Event Tips and Tricks - Modern Bouquet and Garter Toss Ideas

The bouquet and garter toss are some of the oldest traditions, but I'm finding more and more couples omitting this from their wedding reception because it doesn't fit their modern day style. Here are some alternatives that I've seen at actual wedding that might inspire you to think of something super special. 

One of the best things I've seen in lieu of flowers are toys - stuffed teddy bears, fake pomegranates, you name it. Whatever it is, make sure it's something fun that will get the crowd going and will fit the theme of your wedding. 

Another thing I've seen is a cash bouquet. Extra points if you have the receiver of the bouquet donate that money to the charity of their choice. 

Nerf guns make the whole event better. Newly weds can find a way to hide nerf guns throughout the venue and then during the reception, initiate a nerf gun fight everyone can participate in. 

 I've also seen a dance competition happen that the newly weds can judge. Have a small prize for the winner and get the runner ups to come to the dance floor to get the party going.

Event Tips and Tricks - How to Get Your Dance Floor Going

Welcome to another episode of events tips and tricks! The number one question I get asked is "how can i get my friends and family dancing?"

Tip 1 - Make sure you are on the dance floor. Your guests are more likely  to dance if you are.
Tip 2- Take a group photo just before opening the dance floor. That way you'll have all your guests there.
Tip 3 - Invite your guests join you during your first dance. Then, have the DJ switch to a fun song to get the party started.

Here are just a few tips and tricks to get the crowd onto the dance floor. Happy planning!

18 Wedding First Dance Songs That Aren’t At All Cheesy

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"People That Love Us on Yelp" Award Recipient

A great client experience has always been my #1 priority.  I am thrilled to announce that I was a  2017 "People Love Us On Yelp" Award Recipient! 
This award is special because it is only issued to a handful of businesses each year. In order to qualify, that business must exhibit a high level of customer satisfaction and seamless delivery of services. I absolutely love what I do and always strive to do my best for each client I work with so this award really means a lot to me. Huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write a review over the years!

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I've had the privilege to work with some incredible event photographers throughout my career and want to take a moment to personally thank the ones whose work I have featured on my website. I highly recommend all of them, so if you or anyone you know is on the look out for one, please be sure to check them out!  

90's Dinner Music Playlist Sample (DJ Keelez)

Holiday Party Planning

The holidays are right around the corner, and now on top of enjoying your season, your boss puts you in charge of throwing a holiday party! I know it can feel stressful at first, but I'm here to help clarify some points that may feel drowning. Trust me, I've been there, I understand how draining it can be. So here are 5 tips and tricks to help mentally clear the way and keep the to-do list organized, the budget reasonable and the night one for the books. 

The Making of DJ Keelez (Mockumentary)

A fun 3-part Instagram-Video series of yours truly, from RUN DMSEA to the birth of DJ Keelez. Hope you have as much fun watching this Mockumentary as we did creating it.  PS. The RUN DMSEA costume is available for your event if you would like it.

Tips and Tricks: Requests

Tips and Tricks for DJs on Requests

Requests. Guests love them, and DJs hate them. As DJs it is our job to make sure the crowd and dance floor are having a great time. I think it's great to take requests from the audience, however, I like doing it at my discretion so that way it flows with the set list. A tip for DJs on how we can do get the job done right is to not take specific song requests but to be well versed in different genres so when someone wants to switch it up, we know what song will keep the energy flowing. This does take a lot of practice, research and preparation, but when those genre-switch-transitions comes in smooth, the crowd loves it!


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