How To Throw A Virtual Zoom Dance Party

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Here are some great tips to get started!


If you are anything like me, the one thing you miss the most about pre-covid life is a night out dancing with friends. Quarantine has been hard on all of our social lives, but thanks to the miracle of modern technology, you don’t have to sit at home bored for too much longer! Zoom dance parties are now happening and honestly, they can sometimes be more fun than the real thing.


    You don’t need to keep the numbers low since you can invite up to 100 guests free of charge to your event. Gather them via the best way to reach them all, whether it be a group text, email or a Facebook event. Before event day, make sure to send out the Zoom link to attendees. You may even want to send it a few times the week prior to ensure everyone gets it.


    Themes make everything more fun! Decorate the room you are in or find virtual backgrounds that fit the vibe. Be sure to tell everyone else so they can do the same on their end.


    The basic Zoom account limits you to 40 minutes so make sure whatever account you are using to host the Zoom party is pro level or higher. An experienced Zoom DJ will have access to the proper account and should be able to create the zoom meeting for you. You can have your Zoom DJ adjust the settings to be specific for your group (like not allowing anyone to screen share or having to approve them to enter) so be sure to discuss your needs with your Zoom DJ beforehand.


    You will want to sign in 15 minutes early to finalize everything and do a soundcheck with your Zoom DJ before participants start to join. When the Zoom party starts, be sure participants are muted and have themselves set to gallery view in Zoom so they can feel like everyone is at the party together!

  5. MUSIC

    A professional Zoom DJ will be able to produce high-quality sound that will make you and your guests feel like there is a club inside their living room. It is important to tell your Zoom DJ exactly what type of music you want to hear beforehand to ensure they play all of your favorites and exclude all of your not-so-favorites. Your Zoom DJ can also take requests live using the Zoom chat feature.


    A good MC and the right games can make all the difference when it comes to a Zoom event. Attention spans while staring at screens can be low so it is important to keep everyone engaged at all times. Find the games that work best for your group, whether it be an at-home scavenger hunt or virtual drinking contest!


    The chat box is a fun way to talk while still dancing. You can also have your Zoom DJ carve out time for toasts and speeches at some point during the evening.


    Take screenshots, create a hashtag and upload them to your Instagram stories all night. This is a fun way to keep everyone engaged while also creating memories that you can keep forever (just make sure to save your stories when you wake up the next day)!

  9. HAVE FUN!

    Quarantine won’t last forever so you might as well make the best of it. Hire an amazing zoom DJ and dance to your favorite tunes while enjoying time with friends from anywhere in the world!


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