How to Postpone Your Wedding During COVID-19 And Not Lose Money

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With everything going on right now, DJ Keelez & Associates wants to address the ongoing pandemic and provide you with some helpful resources during this unusual time. We know lots of 2020 couples had to reschedule their Los Angeles weddings and unfortunately, some of those postponements may have caused you some unexpected additional expenses due to penalties and cancellation fees. Paying more money than you expected to is never fun (and our Los Angeles wedding DJs are all about making things more fun) so in an effort to help save you some money as well as make the postponement process as easy as possible, we have created a small guide on how to best go about postponing your wedding due to COVID-19:

  1. Reach out to your venue ASAP and see what their rescheduling policy is at this time.

    Many venues have extended grace on their policies so find out what dates are available penalty free and see how long you have to get back to them before those dates become unavailable.

  2. Reach out to your other vendors (especially your Los Angeles wedding DJ) and see what their rescheduling policy is.

    Most have made exceptions to their contracts for clients affected by the pandemic so ask what dates from your list they have available and if they could possibly reschedule your wedding penalty free to any of those dates. If they agree and you see a date that matches up, LOCK IT IN ASAP!

  3. Reach out to your guests and explain the need to reschedule your wedding.

    You do not have to have a solid plan before reaching out and there is no pressure to know. Just let them know that you will update them once you have a better idea of the plan.


    If you have to postpone your wedding, but can’t wait to get married, we suggest eloping now and planning a big celebration with everyone when it is safe to do so. An intimate backyard gathering with close family/friends or virtual celebration is a great way to share your vows now as you plan for the party later. Our Los Angeles wedding DJs would be more than happy to provide all of your audio needs in addition to curating an amazing playlist for your elopement or microwedding!




“Reach out to your planner for support. They can assist you with communicating and navigating through this process.” – Liz Chan, Lizzy Liz Events

“We ask that our clients reach out ASAP to reschedule, as we want to ensure the artist they originally booked is still available for their rescheduled date.” – Dusty Kuskie, Diamond Beauty Hair and Makeup




Keep in mind every business operates differently. Not every vendor will have the ability to negotiate their terms so be sure to read any signed contracts prior to inquiring about rescheduling so you know exactly what to expect once you are ready to contact them. If they are unable to offer any sort of special arrangements at this time, please understand this has been an extremely difficult situation for everyone and their decision is not an easy one. We all must work together as best we can during these unprecedented times so please keep an open mind and discuss your options accordingly.


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