Tips for Planning a Los Angeles Wedding

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Are you planning a wedding in LA and searching for ideas? Look no further! From the best beaches to excellent wedding entertainment, Los Angeles is one of the most exciting places to tie the knot. There’s so much for you and your guests to do and explore while in town. DJ Keelez & Associates are well-versed in LA wedding planning and day-of processes. (We have 1,000 weddings under our belt and counting!) Here are some helpful tips to get you started!

Average Wedding Costs in LA

Just like the cost of a wedding dj in LA, wedding costs here can vary depending on the venue (meaning you get what you pay for). Also keep in mind that Los Angeles is a metropolitan area, which is generally more expensive than suburban areas. This chart below from Zola’s Los Angeles wedding guide has a helpful breakdown of expenses:

Average wedding costs chart in Los Angeles

How to Obtain a Marriage License in Los Angeles

To get married anywhere within the state, You will need a California marriage license. If your wedding ceremony will be in Los Angeles County, you can apply for it through the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder (LA County RR/CC) official website. (Due to COVID-19, the office is not holding in-person services. All appointments, including obtaining your wedding license, are online.)

Los Angeles Venues

LA has some of the most gorgeous mansions and beachside estates. The city’s variety of venues range from country clubs and yachts to hotels and resorts. You can also have your wedding ceremony right at the Los Angeles City Hall! The building is known for its amazing architecture and having the best wedding photo-ops. 

Availability of many venues depends on the season, which is a good reason to book several months in advance. If you’re weighing options between an indoor and outdoor venue, this chart below can give you a better idea of weather and seasonal changes in the city:

Seasonal Guide to LA Weddings chart

Fun Things to Do in LA

Maybe your bachelorette/bachelor party is in LA or you have guests who plan to arrive a few days before the wedding. Los Angeles is home to plenty of amusement parks, annual events, and shopping spots. There are so many hidden gems in this city to discover! Here are a few activities to do while in town:

  1. Go shopping in Rodeo Drive
  2. Visit the LA Zoo 
  3. Enjoy a concert at the Santa Monica Pier
  4. Check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  5. Spend a day at DisneyLand
  6. Take a bus tour through Beverly Hills 
  7. Eat lunch in downtown LA
  8. Bar hop in West Hollywood (WeHo)
  9. Grab a coffee in Koreatown
  10. Explore the Broad Contemporary Art Museum

We hope these tips and resources were useful in planning your LA wedding. The only thing left to do is book an amazing wedding DJ!  From virtual MCing to top-level breakdancers, DJ Keelez & Associates has plenty of additional services to ensure your weddings and events are one for the books!

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